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HBI global imported tiles strict selection platform, is committed to building a high-end imported tile operations as the main platform, the platform currently has a number of European first-line tile brands including:

Italian tile brands loved by architects —— LEA

A Spanish brand specializing in the ecology of rock slabs  —— ARKLAM

Leading Spanish wall tile brand —— DURSTONE

Spanish visual art wall tiles brand  —— WOW

The Spanish tile brands that are more worthy of consumption —— Grespania


建筑师喜爱的意大利瓷砖品牌 —— LEA

专业研究岩板生态的西班牙品牌 —— ARKLAM

西班牙墙饰砖领导品牌 —— DURSTONE

西班牙视觉艺术墙饰砖品牌 —— WOW

更值得消费的西班牙瓷砖品牌 —— Grespania

HBI Global imported tiles strictly selected platform

HBI global imported tiles strict selection platform, is committed to building a platform with high-end imported tiles operation as the main body. With its strong market operation capability and system building ability, it has now laid out high-end sales outlets in more than two hundred cities nationwide, always adhering to the user-centered operation and service concept, aiming to bring users a healthy environment, boundless choices and innovative ideas, and become a high-end life design master for consumers.

HBI 欧洲高端瓷砖

Health--Green, environmental protection, responsibility, humanism, health has always been the key cornerstone of our faith

Boundless--Boundless, inclusive and based on global vision

Innovation-- Unique innovation, showing differentiation advantages


HBI's three concepts and three beliefs of Health, Boundlessness and Innovation

Change the original product- and brand-centered concept to a people-centered concept

Shift thinking from technology-centric to user-centric

From belief to practice, it must be through our brand platform to reach users and quickly capture their needs

在 HBI,倡导以人为本,从产品设计研发到生活方式都秉承着健康的理念。
LEA Ceramiche

LEA Ceramiche

Lea Ceramiche is part of Panaria Group, the fourth largest tile group in Italy. For more than 30 years, Lea Ceramiche has positioned itself as a global designer channel, always insisting on innovation, deep research and development of cutting-edge production technology, products with distinctive personality and excellent technical quality, each Lea Ceramiche product is a synthesis of design and performance. Each Lea Ceramiche product is a synthesis of design and performance, among which SLIMTECH and PROTECT antibacterial technologies lead the global industry in technological innovation development, as the core brand of HBI


Backed by the Saniceramic Group, a Spanish business group with over 40 years of avant-garde design and production technology, Arklam has been dedicated to providing professionals in architecture, interior design and decoration with the highest quality products since its inception as an innovative large format rock slab solution, known for its hardness, durability, lightness and design. the highest quality products. Decorating every space in a modern way, let us enjoy the extraordinary quality of our products.



Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Valencia, the capital of Spanish ceramics, DURSTONE has been committed to expanding its product catalog and providing innovative products and perfect services to its customers, and after 16 years of rapid development, its products have spread to 76 countries worldwide, becoming the leader in the high-end wall tile segment and highly recognized by customers worldwide.


Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Castellón, Spain, GRESPANIA is an international company dedicated to product development and marketing innovation, with 70% of its sales coming from the international export market, with three manufacturing plants, using advanced management models and production processes in Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, Spain. It has three manufacturing plants with advanced management and production processes, with independent logistics centers in Granada, Santiago de Compostela and Barcelona, as well as subsidiaries in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom, where a strong production supply chain allows GRESPANIA to offer quality products on a global scale.

GRESPANIA is committed to investing in the performance of its ceramics, using cutting-edge production technology and design concepts, as well as adhering to the concept of environmental sustainability, always grasping the global tile trends to provide the world with the highest quality and most unique design products.



Has been leading the world trend with Spain's outstanding glaze and decorative technology 37,000 square meters of production and R & D base over 20 years of experience in design and development of a team of professionals in more than 76 countries and regions around the world to carry out brand promotion and marketing activities to bring consumers pure Spanish architectural color experience and service, always committed to a high level of color research and tile application services by combining the latest technology and creative touch, drawing on the nutrients of the Spanish national culture to form the unique cultural art of WOW with a variety of colors and rich textures favored by consumers around the world so that they can enjoy a diverse color lifestyle.


HBI own brand products, Italy authorized domestic production, in product design, quality control are carried out in accordance with Italian standards, and equipped with domestic production base of Guangdong Bode Precision Building Materials Co.


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