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HBI platform now has several first-tier European tile brands.
Including: Italy LEA Ceramiche, Spain Arklam, Grespania, WOW, Durstone, etc., as well as its own brand HBI Ceramiche.


Based on rare stone, the original high-temperature three-dimensional crystallization composite technology So that the extravagant diamond particles in the bricks into the quadrantless dispersion Light penetrates into the interior of the extravagant diamond particles with multi-dimensional facets like diamonds In the interlocking texture, it creates a transparent and three-dimensional sparkling effect

Glacier Jade


Abstract Lev A-C

1200 x 2650 x 12mm
Viola Lev A-C

1200 x 2650 x 12mm


Fashionable marble style naturally combines with contemporary architectural aesthetics and functional requirements Carving details, engraving exquisite, highlighting the new fashion of realism High-definition inkjet printing, transparent tile surface, the ultimate charm of elegant luxury


Inspired by modern elements, from the most primitive concrete aesthetics to the change of natural forms in the long history from the culture of the cities of Córdoba and Seville to the fusion of stone, fabric and cement design elements to bring the pure enjoyment of space for star families


Using natural slate, sea sand, cliff stone, waterfall, cement and other rocks as the design material Combined with the advanced technology of Italy and Spain to create delicate texture


Designed with the natural precious wood and the essence of wood grain works created by artists Perfectly reproduce the original nature and texture of wood by using fine carving ink and micro carving process



With fresco, nature and other elements as the main body, combined with the artist's design concept, the deep carving process, high-quality glaze to perfectly reproduce the dynamic, bumpy and other textural effects, bringing people the artistic beauty and rhythm of nature


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